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Very helpfull with my requirements, gave me a quote and improved specs then I originally asked for, for less then a previous quote I had elsewhere. Very happy with my purchase. Very professional, cheap and helpful.

James L.

Amazing service! Helped me out massively on very very short notice, and I still got to pickup the PC on the same day I messaged! The PC is great, really good price too! My fiancé is now a very happy bunny after I surprised him with his new gaming rig.

Beth B.

I've bought 2 custom PCs and both of them are beautiful, run amazing, and are fairly priced. Told them my budget over Christmas and it was ready for collection in the New Year. Very nicely priced for what you get compared to other online retailers. Highly recommend.


No problems here with these guys. Bought, posted and delivered in 24 hrs

Steven B.

Friendly and informative. They built a system for me that is competitive on price yet meets my needs perfectly. Very pleased indeed.

John D.

Brilliant, helped me out. I got messed about by a bigger firm I ordered from.I spoke to Alex Davis PCs and not only did they build me pc in the time I needed it. They also built it to a better spec than I was going to get originally. I will be using them again without a doubt. You have made my god son very very happy. Thank you.

Tony G.

Easy from start to finish and happy to help with further requests

James S.

Very good service. Very knowledgeable. I've had a few computer/gaming computers never had a problem.

Zoe B.

Quick delivery, great prices and clear set up instructions with the order.

Craig P.